Here you will find free resources to download and share on or around World Radio Day, 13 February 2017.  Many more resources will be coming soon!

    Infographic World Radio Day 2017

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    World Radio Day 2017 Poster

    Please find the official World Radio Day 2017 poster to download and print to spread the word about World Radio Day 2017. To obtain the vector versions, please contact  Alison Meston, 

    WRD Poster Woman


    Hate Speech Infographic

    Hate speech               ejn

    How can journalists determine what is hate speech? In a world plagued by censorship, press freedom violations and propaganda it is difficult for reporters to judge what type of rhetoric is acceptable and what is intolerable. Currently there is no accepted international definition of hate speech and the levels of tolerance vary dramatically from country to country.

    Click here for more information on hate speech and the Hate Speech 5 Point Test.

    BBC Media Action Resource: Communication with Crisis-Affected People

    Lifeline programming is special media programming for communities affected by humanitarian crises. UNESCO World Radio Day 2016 partner, BBC Media Action, has provided this useful working paper on information and advice on helping local media and aid providers to communicate with communities. You can also take the online Lifeline training course if you work in media.

    World Radio Day Jingle!

    Use the World Radio Day jingle, or create your own, to advertise that the next segment on your radio station is about World Radio Day.   Coming soon! 


    World Radio Day 2017 Social Media Posters

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