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The Battle of the Century: RCA and the Dawn of the Radio Age

How did radio come to be a mainstay in American homes? In the early 1920s, this new technology was the realm of fringe amateur build-it-yourselfers, but by the end of that decade, radios were standard household commodity. Learn how a fated boxing match and a massive publicity campaign revolutionized the way people lived and learned about the world around them.


La journée MONDIALE de la RADIO ... devient "MONDIAL RADIO", toute une semaine en Auvergne!

Всемирный день радио 2018 будет отмечаться зимней школой журналистики и коммуникации в Алматы

В этом году празднование Всемирного дня радио будет посвящено спорту. Чтобы отметить это событие, 5-я зимняя школа журналистики и коммуникации, организованная факультетом журналистики Казахского Национального Университета им. Аль-Фараби с 25 по 27 января 2018 года, будет включать в себя мастер-классы, посвященные темам радио и спорта, спорта и журналистики, спорта и цифровой новостной грамотности.

WORLD RADIO DAY 13 February 2018

Happy World Radio Day 2018 !
Radio is the best and cheapest means of communication and information having easy access to the world audience . It is within the reach of everyone - whether she/he is rich or poor , big or small , child , youth or old at very little cost . Radio is connecting to ' UNCONNECTED ' and reaching to ' UNREACHABLE ' anywhere , anytime in the whole world . Radio plays an vital role in case of emergency , war , flood , earthquake , disaster and spreading diseases and virus.It connects with the victims via its trained representatives and sends victims requirements to the government. In this way it saves lives . Radio is the voice of people , by the people and for the people. Misuse of this amazing tool of connecting , information and communication would be dangerous for the present and coming generations. It is the matter of great sorrow in the age of internet , our present young generation does not know the magic of radio . Therefore , there is a need to connect this our generation with radio . In this case social media , schools , NGO's can play an vital role .
#WorldRadioDay #UNESCO
With best regards ,
MItul Kansal [ India }
International Radio Listeners friendship & Fraternity Club.
Email :

Seminar on Listening Radio and the Digital World

Wave Surfers' Association, Bangladesh going to organize this seminar to promote listening radio as a hobby into this digital age. Seminar will focus on Peace and Development. Wave Surfers' Association, Bangladesh is a leading organization of DXing and DX activists in Bangladesh. On the occasion of World Radio Day 2018, WSABd going to organize a seminar to promote listening radio as a hobby into this digital age. Currently Radio as a media changed its dimension. Radio now not only on traditional AM System (SW or MW) and FM. It’s now on Internet and also in DRM. DX-ers from different parts of Bangladesh attended into this Seminar. The major focusing area is Peace and Development, under the Theme Radio and Sports.

World Heritage Grimeton Radio Station

Celebrate World Radio Day with World Heritage Grimeton Radio Station the 13th of February. The radio station is open between 10 am and 17 pm. Our amateur radio station SK6SAQ is on air using the special signal 7S6WRD!

Stall on Hobby Radio

Bhanja Kala Mandap, Madhusudan Marg Road, Near Kalpona Square, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

European Radio Show / Salon de la Radio

25, 26 & 27 January 2018 – This 2018 edition will take place over three days in a location that is emblematic of Paris, a place that is a listed historic building, the Grande Halle de la Villette, which has already hosted the event previously. 

KOOP Celebrates World Radio Day

Radio is the mass media reaching the widest audience in the world. Join KOOP Radio and the Community Council in celebrating World Radio Day. Tune in at 1:30 on Monday, February 13, when our guests will share their experiences using radio to build communities through sporting events. 91.7 FM or streaming online